The project leader has brought together an interdisciplinary project team of experienced researchers from the fields of law, sociology of law, economics and political sciences. This ensures the capacity to design a truly interdisciplinary and multidimensional model for evaluating judges’ decisions, to interpret the research results appropriately and to develop normative recommendations. To process the empirical material, the group will also include junior researchers.

The work of the research group includes regular monthly meetings of group members, where rapporteurs for a selected subject area of the project will be chosen every time. This ensures a continuous progress of the research in close cooperation of all researchers, who will contribute to truly interdisciplinary research results.

Project leader:

dr. Matej Avbelj, expert in (European) constitutional law and legal theory

Senior researchers:

dr. Jernej Letnar Černič, expert in human rights law and the functioning of the European Court of Human Rights

dr. Janez Šušteršič, institutional economist, who has also researched the economic analysis of law (law and economics)

dr. Katarina Vatovec, lecturer in European Constitutional Law and constitutional law analyst

Ana Jevšek Pezdir, political scientist

Snežana Šušteršič, economist and PhD student in sociology

Maja Stanišič, Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science and Law, postgraduate student on European Law Faculty.

Marko Šerbel, postgraduate student on European Law Faculty.

Kristian Remškar, postgraduate student on European Law Faculty.